Belgian Dawn of the Dead Poster

One of the most intriguing and rare memorabilia for George Romero’s European release of Dawn of the Dead is this Belgian promotional poster. Unlike most artwork for this movie, the emphasis here is not on menacing zombies or cityscapes. The poster shows Fran and Peter on the right in some tense moments and various, smaller, shots of zombies on the left. The relatively small space allocated to the film’s protagonists and zombies allows more room for graphic design, font, and text decisions. Robert Mazrim in his book “Zombie 1979: Life at the Dawn of the Dead” characterizes the poster as follows:

“…a 1979 Belgian poster looked less like an advertisement for an apocalyptic zombie movie and more like a sale at Sears. Looking back, the imagery seems entirely appropriate.”

As was common in these days, the poster instructs the viewer to “prepare for one of the most chilling movies ever realized!!!” At the bottom in blue it further warns that Zombie is not for sensitive persons. And there is, of course, the obligatory mistake in writing Goblin as “The Goblin.”

The Twin Towers in The New York Ripper

The old World Trade Center is a staple in many 1970s and 1980s grindhouse classics such as “I Spit on Your Grave”, “Zombie”, “The House on the Edge of the Park”, and “Cannibal Holocaust.” A close viewing of Lucio Fulci’s “The New York Ripper” reveals four distinct scenes in which the Twin Tower are seen.

In the Brooklyn opening scene of the movie the Twin Towers are briefly visible when the camera pans to show Manhattan.

The second time we see the Twin Towers is during the scene where the young woman boards the Staten Island Ferry. What is intriguing about this scene is that the towers cannot only be seen just after the departure of the ferry, but there is also a quick cut to the towers during the murder scene in the car.

The Twin Towers can also be seen in this German New York Ripper lobby card below but, to my knowledge, this shot is not an actual shot from the movie and must be a production photo or unused footage.

The next time we see the World Trade Center is when the NYC police deploys a helicopter to assist in tracking down the location of the murderer’s phone calls.

Not long after this scene, the World Trade Center is visible on several occasions when Lieutenant Williams arrives at the location where the calls were made but….