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Via Algarviana

Via Algarviana is a 300 km long foot-path in the Algarve in Portugal. It starts in Alcoutim, which is close to the Spanish border, and ends in Cabo de S. Vicente along the Atlantic Ocean, and consists of 14 sections, varying in distance from 14 km to 30 km.

The trail is sign-posted in both directions and can be done in parts during a (short) walking holiday or in its entirety for the truly dedicated, and the nice thing is that it shows a relatively unknown part of the Algarve, away from the busy beaches and tourist areas, leading through small Algarvian villages, past abandoned buildings and through unique  landscapes. It may have some challenges since it is not easy to get to and from certain parts of the trail due to a lack of public transportation, but it is worth the effort.

And if you end up in Salir, do not forget to visit the local pizzeria there, which in itself is almost worth the visit when you are in the area.