Sleazy loser slashers

Sleazy loser slasher transcripts and notes (mostly unedited) from 2009.*

Toolbox Murders (1978)

toolbox murders

Starts with the murderer driving a car, listening to evangelical preacher on radio — “You’re going to burn in hell forever. Think of that, forever — forever is a long time!”

During the drive he has flashbacks of a car accident and we see a brief glimpse of an injured/killed girl.

He pulls up to an apartment complex and enters — flashes back to a funeral while entering. Humming.

Enters apartment of drunk older woman with toolbox — she appears to have been waiting for maintenance. He pulls out a drill and attacks her/kills her.

After he kills her he puts his mask on (crooked). Humming.

Younger lady enters her apartment, turns on shower, puts on shower cap…realizes she had clothes drying in the shower, turns it off, takes off shower cap, strips, puts on another shirt, and opens front door. Killer is there, knocks her unconscious, pulls her over to the side of the entry way and kills her with a hammer. Then takes her inside. Humming. Friend comes to door, calling for “Debra, did you leave that mess in the hallway?” Comes in, sees Debra on floor. Killer appears from behind door and throws her to the floor, removes screwdriver, stabs her with it, and she dies. (The ease with which she dies is extremely unrealistic.)

Killer looks out window to see two apartments across the way — a redhead dancing in her underwear on the bottom, and a young lady talking on the phone on the top. He then looks inside another apartment nearby and sees a woman standing with a man, so he moves on. A black lady comes outside to take the trash out and sees the bloody mess on the stairway. She calls for “Debra” and “Maria” and calls for her husband, who comes out. They open the door and find Debra and Maria dead on the floor.

The police come and take testimony from the woman next door (the one with the boyfriend). Debra lived there, not Maria. Debbie was always ‘running around with her girlfriends.’ The police had found pictures from naked lady magazines in the apartment (lesbians!). The apartment complex owner comes in and says “Oh, this is terrible, just terrible. I wasn’t expecting anything like this. This is a security building,” etc.

Cut to young girl from upper apartment (Lori), who is going to school the next morning. Her mom is still sleeping. She interacts with her brother for a bit before heading out to school.

Cut to redhead from bottom apartment the next night, who is now taking a bath. She begins masturbating, and we see the murderer with his toolbox coming down the walk. The door has a chain lock, which he snips. He turns up the music, she continues masturbating, and as she climaxes he enters the bathroom. Starts humming. She looks up to find a him with a nail gun. She jumps out of the bath and tries to escape. He attempts to shoot her as she runs from living room to bedroom. She pleads for her life while he approaches…humming. He puts the nail gun down, reaches for her, and she rolls off the bed to escape (flashback to girl falling from car). He shoots her with nail gun in the abdomen, she falls against a wall and he then shoots her in the head (flashback to young girl’s arm falling, young girl lying dead on stretcher). We see that she was killed against a poster of herself (porn star?).

Now young girl on telephone: “I better go study, because I am getting pretty embarrassed by this conversation.” She hangs up just as killer enters. He attacks her, covers her mouth with his hand, and somehow she loses consciousness. Next scene, her brother comes home and calls for her. Can’t find her, then sits down and sees spilled Pepsi. Mom comes home, wonders why he doesn’t know where his sister is. Asks for a drink, by the time he brings it back she’s asleep. A woman outside screams. They run outside and find an older woman coming out of the apartment downstairs (redhead) and crying.

Police come. Random man “I always wondered what it was like in here.” Police ask random man “Do you have any impression about her sex life?”

Brother at police station for questioning about Dee Ann (redhead downstairs) and the other girls that were murdered. His sister is missing. Cop asks if his sister is in the habit of staying out all night. Brother says “Officer, she’s 15 years old. She’s not that kind of girl.” Also says “we need more than spilled Pepsi to proof she was kidnapped.” Brother (Joey) says “If you won’t find her, I will.”

Joey goes to the older lady’s apartment. Nephew of owner (Kent) is there for cleanup. Looks around at all the blood and analyzes the scene. Then he brings up Kathy, his cousin, who died in a wreck. Afterward, Joey comes up with plan for them to sneak into the redheads apartment to look around. Joey finds a dildo under the bed and tosses it to Kent, who drops it and says “that’s disgusting.” Then Kent sees a nail in the wall and realizes that “he got her with a nail gun.”

Cut to mother in the bar where she works. Talks with owner and says that she can feel that “Lori’s close.”

Car driving through sprawling suburban neighborhood. Joey and Kent get out at Kent’s uncle’s house. Kent says he’s probably asleep so they have to be quiet to put the cleaning supplies away. They enter the garage and the uncle opens the door. He says he was just fixing something to eat. Joey says “Hey that sounds great.” Uncle gives him a blank stare, pays Kent, and leaves. The boys gather up a bunch of cleaning supplies and walk out the door…pass by the toolbox as they go. Uncle watches them leave from the kitchen window. Humming. Makes a sandwich, pours a glass of milk.

See a photo of a young girl on a dresser, then see Lori tied up on a big bed, dressed in a frilly outfit. Uncle comes in with tray of food and brings her a lollipop. Brushes her hair, wonders why she’s crying. Says she has no need to cry because she has everything there…Kathy would want her to have it. Asks if she remembers Kathy. Says Kathy was prettier than her. He tried to keep her “right” and “good,” but that “today, in this world, I think that’s impossible. It’s such a bad world. Full of evil. Terrible people. But if you get rid of the evil, then all that’s left is good. Life is so simple. But we mess it up.” Talks about the older woman, Mrs. Andrews, the drunk. Calls her “dirty,” and says that “I did it as quickly as I could, because I never want to cause suffering.” “Like an old dog on the farm.” The woman who lived in the apartment below Lori, he watched her do terrible, unnatural things to her own body.” Then he takes the cloth out of her mouth and unties her hands, gives her the tray of food. Says he “shouldn’t have told her about that,” but that he did it because they were all committing “unnatural acts.” And the Bible says that if one of thine own members offends thee, you should CUT IT OFF. And that’s what he did. He starts calling her Kathy, and she gets smart and says “Daddy, my wrists hurt.” He says he has to tie them up again. She begs him not to, but he says I MUST. Then he asks “Kathy…did it hurt when God took you away from me? Did it hurt when you died?” She said “No, dying is easy…it’s over in a second. This hurts worse!” Then he asks her “what’s it like where you are?” She says “it’s all purple, and you never get to see God, and it’s like you’re flying around, and you know what everybody else is thinking, and you know all the answers you want to know, etc.” Then he takes the tray away, puts the cloth back in her mouth and leaves.

Back to the bar. Detective comes to talk to mother. Says he has to ask her something “Does Lori kinda seem like a flirt?” Mom says she’s actually immature for her age. Is going out with just one boy her own age. Nothing more. He then says “maybe you and I ought to get together and we ought to…” she shakes her head no. He leaves.

Cut to nighttime scene outside Uncle’s house. Kent pulls up and sneaks into back patio area. He peeks into the bedroom window and taps on it to get her attention. She sees his reflection in the mirror. The Uncle comes in to sing to her. (Sometimes I feel like a motherless child)

Joey shows up to one of the apartments to help clean up and talks with the detective. Detective says killer is a “repeater, and that he could live in the neighborhood.” Says he killed Mrs. Anderson with a drill, and we see Kent listening in and interested in the conversation. Joey asks “what if the killer didn’t need to break in?” Seems to be putting things together.

Joey goes home to ask mom for car keys, gets them, takes car to Uncle’s house. Sneaks into garage, finds toolbox, opens it, and inspects tools. Kent comes into the garage. Joey tells him “He did it. Your uncle killed all those girls and kidnapped my sister.” He shows Kent the evidence and Kent tells him he’s crazy and that if someone believes him he could “cause a lot of trouble for my Uncle.” Says he has to protect his family. He then throws gasoline on him and starts throwing matches at him while taunting him with an eerie song (Joey Joey burning bright, lit the sky with fire light). Kent sets him on fire.

Uncle is talking with Lori, calling her Kathy and showing her a baby doll. Hear Joey screaming in the background, but Uncle says it’s just children playing. Says that he was the only one who understood Kathy and she was the only one who understood him. Kent comes in and Uncle says that Kent helped by taking Kathy places and keeping nasty boys from touching her. Kent says Uncle is sick, insane, that he never helped him protect Kathy, that Kathy and him were “into each other so hard that it hurt.” That every hour they could find alone they made love. Uncle screams FORNICATOR and runs after Kent with the doll still in his hands. They go to kitchen and fight. Kent grabs a knife, Uncle grabs the knife and the dolls head comes off. Uncle starts saying “you killed her again,” holding the doll’s head. Then Kent stabs him and he mutters about Kathy until he dies. Kent picks up the doll’s head and puts it back on the doll, cleans blood off doll in the sink, smiling and laughing.

Goes back to bedroom to Lori and says “he’s gone.” Cuts cloth out of her mouth, cuts cloth off her wrists and ankles. She yells “I’m free!!!” Kent starts saying Uncle was crazy, that Kathy was nothing like the room portrayed her, that he didn’t know her at all. Then he tries to kiss Lori. She freaks out and he gets on top of her and holds her down saying “I don’t understand, Lori, you can’t remain a little girl for the rest of your life.” He rapes her.

Afterward, in bed, Kent says “this is what being married is like. We’re married now, Lori, just like Kathy and I were married.” She asks, “can we tell Joey?” and he says “Joey is gone?” She realizes that he killed her brother. Horrified, she turns and sees the scissors next to the bed.

Last scene, she walks across a parking lot in the dark in a bloody nightie with the scissors in her hand.

Other notes:

All killing of sinners takes place in the first 25 minutes.

Seems like Kent knew she was there. He goes straight to the bedroom window where Lori is when he sneaks around Uncle’s house at night. Later he acts surprised when he comes into the bedroom where Uncle was with Laurie.

The Driller Killer (1979)

driller killer


Starts with killer walking down church aisle toward Jesus/crucifix. He reaches an old man who is murmuring about sin and leans toward him. The old man grabs his hand, the killer takes off. He grabs a girl in the back and leaves. A nun says “I don’t understand, he had your name and your number.”

Killer and girl get into a taxi. He says the guy was just some weird degenerate bum, but the girl wonders why he had killer’s name and number on piece of paper in his wallet. “Probably just some degenerate nobody lookin’ for his lunch.” They start making out. Taxi stops and girl gets out, goes into loud concert. Talks to another girl.

Next morning, killer and girlfriend wake up to the other girl (blonde) trying to drill a hole in the bathroom door but doesn’t seem to know what she’s doing. He offers to do it for her. She can’t decide where she wants the hole and interrupts him about five times while deciding. She finally decides and he drills the hole.

Girlfriend reads the newspaper aloud to killer and blonde girl. Killer is painting…appears to be a painter. Killer decides to open the bills, freaks out over the electricity and phone bills. Girlfriend says they are going to come turn off the phone, he grabs it and throws it out the window.

While girlfriend is asleep, he talks with blonde girl about all the great things they are going to do and buy in the future. Weird focus on the buffalo he’s painting. Then he falls asleep and has a terrifying dream. He is awakened by a vision of himself coming at him with a drill.

Killer (Reno) goes to see art “publisher.” Wants $500 ‘to keep the landlord off my back.’ Guy says no.

We see girlfriend paying one month’s rent, but they are still almost two months behind.

Killer observes a stabbing from the top of a building with binoculars. Crowd just stands and watches victim as he bleeds.

A band is seen moving into the apartment building.

Reno is painting. Girlfriend says it’s finished and they need the money, so why doesn’t he face up to it. Reno flips out (“All you know how to do is bitch and eat, bitch and shit,” etc.)

Girlfriend and blonde are watching TV. Blonde is unhappy that they don’t have any money to go out. “We don’t have any money for drugs, we don’t have any money to go out, we don’t have any money for dope — I can’t stand it anymore!”

Turns out the band moved into the apartment next door. Killer and girlfriend can hear them through the wall. She mentions that they have an album. He can’t believe it.

All three are watching TV. See a Porto-Pack commercial. Sees a man with a table saw plugged into it and gets a crazy look in his eyes.

We see the band practicing. Reno is painting in apartment next door. He hears them and says “It’s two in the morning, guys.” Back to band — still practicing. Back to Reno…starts having weird flashes of himself covered in blood and shaking head back and forth whenever he looks at the buffalo’s eye.

Now he’s walking down the street. Finds a homeless guy and asks him why he’s there on the street instead of with the people who love him. Makes the guy stand up, then a group of people (guys chasing another person?) run down the street past them.

Back to band — still practicing.

Now we see the two girls making out in the shower. Reno is in the living room taking Alka-Seltzer and asprin.

Band singer’s girlfriend bitches at him about the two girls that were singing with the band the night before.

Girlfriend (Carol) gets a letter from a guy. A picture of them and $100, and the letter says it’s the 5-year anniversary of the first time they met, and that he thinks of her often.

Reno complains to supervisor of building about the band. The super says they don’t bother him, and Reno starts to get mad. The super calms him down, then says he has something for him and opens a closet to show a skinned rabbit hanging there. He gives it to Reno. “For you and your girlfriend.”

Reno guts the rabbit and spends a lot of time running the knife over the carcass. Then starts stabbing it in the head.

Reno looking in a hardware store window at drill bits. Sees the Porto-Pack. Checks his pocket for money and walks in.

Working on painting. Hears a woman calling his name and thinks it’s Carol. Name starts coming from all directions and he sees all sorts of strange things. Large rabbit in a doorway, Carol with no eyes, and visions of himself covered in blood and screaming. Screen cuts to buffalo’s eye.

Now Reno is again trying to wake up a homeless guy. Has drill and Porto-Pack. Keeps “revving” it and saying “come on” until the guy wakes up. When he wakes, Reno drills him to death (37 minutes into the movie).

Blonde is taking trash out and uncovers a mess of bloody something in the trashcan (rabbit? part of homeless guy?). Freaks out and runs back upstairs.

Reno and Carol in apartment. They’re getting ready to go out. Turns out they are going to see the band from the next apartment. Carol: “You’ll like them once you hear them.” Reno: “Once I hear them? I hear that show day and night!” Carol goes to help blonde get ready. Meanwhile, Reno talks to the buffalo painting “I love you.”

At the show. Everyone having a good time. Blonde goes to bathroom and another girl asks who is this Reno guy that you two live with? What does he do? “He’s a painter.” Oh yeah, well who fucks who? “That’s none of your fucking business. — Then girl goes off on her, and says she better stay away from her boyfriend (Tony) in the band, ’cause he’s her property, etc.

Band in back room with lots of other people. Tony obviously on lots and lots of drugs.

Back to concert. Carol finds Reno outside because “the band is too loud.” She laments that they never go out to bars or concerts anymore, and laugh on the way home like they used to. She starts kissing his neck, but he just stares into space. Back to band, we see blonde girl getting close to another woman. Then we see Reno running away down the street. He attacks someone on the street with the drill (he had it with him the whole time?). Now he’s in a locker room in the subway…goes over the platform and out into the city…running down the streets.

See a homeless man drinking, who says “Hey old buddy, did you stop by to drink with me? What do you have in your hand? A drill! Keeps talking to Reno even though Reno revs the drill at him. Keeps talking, and finally Reno drills him.

Now we see a crazy guy at a bus stop with two other men. Other men ignore him as he talks, walks around, makes face and jumps up and down, laughing, yelling, barking, etc. Bus pulls up, two men get in, crazy guy stays. Reno comes up behind him with the drill. Drills him right through the bus stop plastic.

Now we just see Reno drilling a guy on the street with no build-up. He runs down the street with the drill and immediately kills the first guy he sees, a homeless guy talking with another homeless guy while digging through trash. The other homeless guy jumps up and tries to get away, but Reno catches him and drills him to death, too.

Cut to next scene of Reno standing over sleeping homeless man with drill. Drills this guy right in the head. Guy screams until he dies. Reno kisses him.

Reno is home now, grabs a beer and burger from the fridge. Drinks some beer, takes a bite of burger, then drinks milk (disgusting). Someone knocks. Guy opens door and asks if Pamela is there. It’s Tony, from the band. He starts looking at all the paintings and talking to Reno, asking how he does his paintings. Asks him if he would do a portrait of him. Reno says sure, for $500. Guy tries to haggle him, but then says okay, but he needs it right away.

Carol reading the news the next morning. Reads news of destitute people killed by an electric power tool, possibly a drill. Reno freaks out. “What are you trying to do to me?” etc.

Everyone eating pizza, Reno eating and drinking like a pig. He stops after the fourth piece and asks Pamela if she wants a bite with some peppers on it. Pam says no, he says “ask her, maybe she wants a bite.” Carol throws a piece of pizza in his face and runs off shouting “I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.”

Carol goes to phone booth, calls Stephen (guy from letter). Comes home, has a painting from Reno that says “I’m sorry” and shows stick figure drawing of him, her, and Pamela.

Now he’s doing Tommy’s portrait. Tommy keeps wanting him to explain his process and if he “feels the colors” and wants him to communicate. Scenes of Reno painting him are interspersed with degenerate homeless guy coming out of a box and drinking. Tommy starts playing guitar while Pam dances and Reno paints. Homeless guy runs up the stairs outside and yells “shut the fuck up!” at the window. Back inside, Reno keeps painting while Pamela and Tommy have sex.

We see a finished painting, then camera cuts to the drill lying on a shelf and back to the guy outside, who is still drinking. Guy stumbles around out there for awhile, then Reno pops around the corner with the drill and kills him.

Reno goes inside, where the girls are sleeping together. He whispers to Carol that the painting is all done.

The next day, the buyer comes to see it. Stands staring at it. Then says “no, no, no, no, this is shit!” Berates Reno and the painting, saying it’s “totally unacceptable.” Leaves while chanting that it’s “worthless, worthless, worthless, worthless.” After he leaves, Carol flips out. She picks up a teapot and smashes it against the wall, then yells after the buyer. Then she yells at Reno to “do something.” He just sits there. Pamela is listening from behind a door.

Tommy is playing and singing…lots of people in room are passed out. Everyone next door is in bed. Carol stares at the wall.

Reno wakes up the next morning to the sounds of Carol leaving. He looks for her, finds the shower running with no one in it. Calls down to her from the fire escape, then runs down the road after her. Catches her and tries to yank her back. Grabs her suitcase and she says “I don’t need this” and takes off. He picks it up and keeps saying “your stuff. your stuff, man.” calls after her “baby…baby, come back for your stuff man. you need your suitcase. you need your suitcase, man!”

Pamela in bed, crying.

Reno sitting in the apartment. Picks up the phone and starts talking to Carol, although she’s not there. Goes to sleep with phone off the hook and beeping.

Dreams of driller killing, covered in blood and screaming.

Calls the buyer, says he has to speak to him tonight. Says it can’t wait until tomorrow. Says he has to come see him tonight. Knows the guy is gay, so makes it sound like he wants to see him for sex. Says he’s all alone and will just be waiting for him. Hangs up phone. Camera pans over to rabbit head lying on paper next to Reno.

Band playing. Pamela is there.

Cut to Reno, putting on Porto-Pack. Guy knocks on door and comes in, calling for Reno. Door slams behind him somehow, scaring him. Reno comes out, with makeup on his face and carrying the drill. Revs it, guy looks confused. Says “Reno, what is this? Put that thing down. Don’t be a fool!” Keeps talking, but Reno drills him.

Pamela comes home, sees drill bit stuck through door with blood oozing from hole. Opens the door to find the guy still hanging on the door. Backs away from him down the hall, but Reno grabs her from behind.

Next we see Carol making out with Stephen. She goes to take a shower, Stephen goes to make tea. While he’s making tea, Reno jumps into the kitchen and drills him.

Carol still in shower. Finishes, gets out, dries off, goes out of bathroom but doesn’t see dead Stephen in kitchen because light is off. Goes to bedroom and sees lump in bed, thinks it’s Stephen. Turns off the light and gets in bed. Says “Stephen, are you avoiding me now? Come here.” CUT TO CREDITS.

Don’t Go in the House (1980)


Starts with guy staring into furnace. A spray can is inside the furnace of another guy working in the same facility. It explodes and catches him on fire. As he burns, the first guy just stands and stares at him. Other people come to the rescue as he just stands and stares. One of the other people yells at him “Stupid son of a bitch, what are you just standing there for?” Guy just gets his tools and leaves.

In locker room later, other guy says “You realize Ben nearly died because of you? A man goes up in flames and you just stand there like a faggot!” “I’m not a faggot.” Other guy calls him crazy, says he’s a sicko.

Nice guy at work invites Donny to go out for a beer. Says he can’t because he needs to take care of his Mom. Nice guy says he shouldn’t feel bad because things happen and people freeze in situations like that. Donny — “Hey you’re right, that does happen. You’re right, I froze!”

Driving home, mother’s voice whispers “That’s right, go home like a good boy. Mother’s waiting.”

Gets home: “Mother I’m home. I’ll have your tea ready in a minute!” Goes to make tea. Matches on the counter and creepy music. Little boy’s voice “No, Mother, don’t!” Strikes a match and lights the hob under the tea kettle.

Takes tea upstairs. Mother appears to be slumped down in a chair. Says he made her chamomile tea since she’s had trouble sleeping lately. Then sees her and says “Oh, you’re already asleep.” Asks if she’s alright since she doesn’t respond. Comes closer and realizes she’s dead. FREAKS OUT. “No, Mother, please wake up, please wake up, PLEASE WAKE UP MOTHER!!!!!” Starts to dial phone, but then stops. “What am I going to do now? It’s not true, it’s not. She’s just asleep, fast asleep. She’s going to wake up soon.” Yells at mother: “Wake up, I made you tea. Drink your tea!”

Voices say “Now you’re free. You can do anything you want to do.” He asks “Can I play my music loud?” Goes into another room and puts on a record LOUD. Then goes downstairs and jumps on furniture, rocks back and forth in a chair, lights a cigarette, looks extremely pleased, then puts cigarette out on a figurine. Mother’s voice: “Donald, don’t you dare.” He looks guilty and goes back upstairs to look at her. Voices. “She’s still dead. She’s pure evil. She must be purified.”

Goes into kitchen, sees box of matches. Flash to memory of mother lighting the hob and calling “Donald, come here. You’re a bad boy, you’re evil, and you must be punished. You’re father let you do things like that but he’s gone now.” Pulls his arms over the flames: “I’ll burn the evil out of you!” Donald takes box of matches and goes upstairs. Lights a match and laughs…a shadow shows him burning her arms with the flame.

Donald hammering something the next day. Gets a call from nice guy at work, checking to make sure he’s okay after what happened to Ben. Donny says “Ben?” Wants to meet him for a cup of coffee before work. Donald asks “Why?” Says he won’t come into work today, and will nice guy tell the supervisor. He hangs up and we see a bunch of weird equipment and supplies lying on the floor and hear him building something.

In truck, driving into town. Voice says “You’re the master now.” Sees fire-proof helmet/suit in a store window and stares at it. Stops at a flower store, but lady inside says they’re closed. Says he needs a present for his mother, who is sick, he just needs something simple. She lets him in and gets a small bouquet for him. He pays and thanks her, leaves.

In truck, sees her leave the store but she misses the bus (he made her late, of course). He pulls up and offers to give her a ride “Hey miss, I could give you a lift to the next bus station.” He asks if she’s in a big rush, that he wants to drop the flowers off at his house first, it’s on the way. She agrees. They stop at his house. “Hey, why don’t you come on in and say hello to Mother. She’ll get a kick out of it.” She says no, but he keeps asking and she finally says okay. She follows him into the house. “Mother, I’m home!”

Tells her to make herself at home, he’ll be right back. Asks her name (Kathy), says it’s nice to meet her. Then that he’ll go get Mother. While he’s away she looks around the house. He puts box of supplies and flowers down in kitchen, looking a bit nervous. She looks into one room and sees that the wallpaper is torn. He comes back into the living area, surprising her, saying “Mother must be upstairs.” Goes upstairs, calling “Mother!” Goes into a room and hides his face behind his hands. Comes back down and says Mother is sick, that he has to call the doctor. Kathy says as soon as he’s finished she’d like to call a cab. Makes a fake phone call to a doctor. Kathy wants to call a cab. He says the doctor will be right over and he’ll take her, but she asks in an adamant voice “May I please use the phone?” He gets a strange look and says “Are you asking for my permission?” She says “Yes, may I please use the phone?” “Yes, you can.” She dials a cab, turns her back to him. He grabs a heavy metal object and hits her over the head.

She is strung up naked by her arms in the middle of a strange metal room. Flash to memory of his mother lighting the hob and saying “Donald, come here!” Cathy is waking up and then yells for someone to help her. Donald comes in wearing fireproof suit, grabs a gas can and pours gas all over her, then grabs a torch and torches her. Watches as she screams and burns.

Cut to nice guy at work. Boss asks where Donald is, has been out a week and no one answers the phone. Nice guy says to cut him a break, he’s sick. Boss says he doesn’t care, he’s been out long enough, he better be in the hospital.

Cut to girl stuck on the side of the road. Her car won’t start. Donald pulls up in his truck “Can I give you a lift to the next gas station?” She gets in. “You won’t mind if I drop these things off at my house first? It’s on the way…”

Cut to Donald in fireproof suit looking at another burnt body hanging in the metal room.

Donald driving in truck. Goes to town, enters grocery store. Lady checks out and he stares at her, then offers her a ride home, but she refuses. He sort of gets in her way and freaks her out.

See Donald’s mother, who looks awful. He says “Mother, this is Linda, I want you to meet her, she’s my friend. Gets a call from nice guy at work, who tells him the boss says if he doesn’t show up by Monday, he’s out of a job. Sees his dead, gross mother at the top of the stairs. Freaks out to the guy on the phone, saying that his mother is really sick and he’s worried. Says Gerritty is going to come over. Bobby says “Gerritty? What’s that old witch doctor gonna do?” Donny says he knows what to do. Thanks Bobby for calling, says he’s the only friend he’s got out there. Hangs up. Hears his mother saying horrible things about him, says he’s trash like his father and he’ll pay. Voices tell him he’s in control now. He says “That’s right, I have my friends with me. If she doesn’t like it, I’ll punish her again.” (Apparently he’s been burning her and that’s why she looks so awful). Hears the girls giggling and goes to a room where he has the burned corpses of the women dressed in his mother’s clothes and sitting in chairs. Calls them bitches and tells them not to laugh at him. Slaps one of them. Says if they’re good he’ll leave the lights on, but “remember: no more laughing.” Goes upstairs, turns on the music (loud, of course). Lies down on a bed and curls up in the fetal position.

Donald out in the middle of nowhere, watching a bunch of large explosions. Then stares at a big ditch in the ground. Walks up to it and burned corpses pop out of the ditch and grab him. He screams and struggles, then…wakes up. Music is still playing. Goes to check on the burned corpses in the other room. They are there. Sees a door open down the hallway, creeps toward it and opens it, goes in, sees Mother in the chair. Turns on the overhead light AND a lamp, then walks out of the room backwards and closes the door.

Goes to kitchen, drinks a glass of water. Opens a door to go back upstairs and sees his mother at the top of the stairs, who says “I’ll get you, Donald. I’ll get you!” Gets scared and runs away.

Goes to a large church. Walks in, sees candles everywhere. Walks to front and lights a candle. Sees a trunk below and opens it, pulls out something when a priest walks up behind him and says “What are you doing here?” Then sees who it is and says “Donny? I thought you said you were never coming back here. Oh, you were here for holy water. You didn’t need to steal it?” Donny says, “Doesn’t it put out the flame?” Priest says “Do you have a problem? Here, let me get it for you.” Donny asks him if he believes in the devil — no, I believe in evil, but not in the devil. Donny says he has seen the devil. Donny shows him his arms and says “I’ve been burned, punished for my sins.” Priest asks who did it, he tells him “my mother.” “Your mother? Why?” “Because I was evil. She wanted to save me from my sin. If I was bad, she burned me.” Priest says “you must forgive those who have trespassed. You must forgive your mother.” Says he wants to help Donny, that Donny must put these thoughts of evil out of his mind, and that he will find peace, do you understand?” Donny says yes, but there are other people. They walk away, with Priest telling Donny to come back and see him, to come to confession, etc.

Back to the house. To mother’s side. “Mother, please forgive me. I told the priest because he wanted to help me, I didn’t do anything wrong. I can change, I want to forget our past, I want to forgive you.” Sprinkles her with holy water. Says “Please, help me forgive her.” Gets up, goes out front door.

At a lake that is half frozen, Donny is on a pier. Goes to phone booth to call Bobby. Bobby is watching a football game at home with wife and kids. Wife answers and gives phone to him. Donny asks Bobby if he’d like to go to a movie. Bobby says if he’s really serious about going out tonight he’s got something for him to do, and it ain’t no movie. Says he’s got “two live ones, and they are dynamite.” Donny says he thought they could spent a quiet night together and talk or something. Bobby says “are you crazy?” talks him into going out on his terms. They make plans to meet at eight.

Donny sees his reflection in a window and looks down at his clothes. Doesn’t look very happy. Then we see him looking in a window at a mannequin in a suit. Goes into the store. Asks to see the red shirt the last couple were looking at, clerk shows him “the matador” and Donny makes a fool of himself. Clerk asks him what he needs the clothes for, and Donny says a disco. Clerk finds him another shirt, then asks if he can set him up with an entire ensemble. Donny says yes and the clerk finds him a suit and shoes to go with the shirt. Asks if he wants to try it on, but Donny says he’ll just do it at home.

In the disco in his new suit. Girl looks him up and down. Bobby sees him across the room and calls him over and introduces him to the two girls. They talk about their job burning trash ofr awhile, making jokes. Bobby goes to dance with fat girl. Other girl asks him to dance, but he immediately says no. Then says he doesn’t dance. Another guy asks her to dance and she goes. Donny sits at table alone, girl watches him as she dances. Tries to get him to come out on the dance floor, starts pulling his arms…over a candle flame, which makes him freak out. He grabs the candle and throws it at her face, catches her hair on fire, and just gets up and walks out. Someone tells the girl’s brother what he did and the brother goes after him, attacks him in the parking lot and hits him, yelling “you scarred my sister for life!” Donny gets away, gets in his truck and takes off, with the guy still after him.

Driving, hyperventilating, bloody nose. Cut to Bobby leaving the bar with the girls, the burned girl crying, the brother saying “that guy is a dead man.”

Two drunk girls leaving a bar, trying to hitch a ride. Donny pulls over and they ask if he can take them to another bar. He says “Sure, get in.” He says sorry for his appearance, but he just got jumped. Makes up a story about three guys with knives attacking him back in town. Says he beat the hell out of all three of them, that he was in the Marines, the green beret (girl: “I thought the green berets was the army.”) Then one girl says she doesn’t want to go to the bar because a guy named Jeff will be there. They start arguing about it. Donny says “Hey, why don’t we just go to my house, you can call whoever you want and have a party there.” They seem to think this is a great idea.

At the house. They go in and the girls think it’s awesome. They look around in different rooms. Donny asks one girl if she likes the figurines, she says yes. He says “Come with me and I’ll show you something that’s really nice. He takes her upstairs into a room and the door slams. We hear a scream.

Bobby pulls up to Father Gerretty’s house, bangs on the door. Tells him that Donny has gone crazy, that a guy’s after him and wants to kill him. Begs him to please come to Donny’s house to help him, there’s no time to call anyone.

Back at house, other girl starts calling for the first girl (Suzanne). Can’t find her, goes looking for her. Finds her coat in the kitchen, goes up the stairs looking for her. She opens the door to the metal room, sees something, says “Oh God!” Donny comes up behind her and drags her away.

In the room with the burnt corpses, Donny screams “I tried to be nice! But you all took advantage! Now, you’re going to have to pay the price.”

Bobby and Father Gerretty arrive and knock on the door. Donny hears them and hurries to put on his fireproof suit. Bobby yells “that girl’s brother is after you, we’re just trying to help you, come on!” Knocks door in and goes inside. Hears girl screaming from the metal room. He and Father Gerretty run upstairs and find one girl strung up in the middle and the other in the corner of the room. They untie them and take them out of the room. Father Gerretty hears something upstairs and starts to go up. Calls up to Donny. Donny appears at the top of the stairs in the suit with the torch. Says “I did what you said and it didn’t work. You lied to me!” Torches him. Father Gerretty goes running out of the house on fire. Bobby puts him out on the porch.

Donny goes to the room with the corpses. The voices tell him “He lied to you, he lied to you.” He says to the corpses: “A fine lot of thanks I get. I bring you into my home, I give you love and shelter…and you turn on me, but I still let you stay. Well, no more.” The corpses say, in unison: “We hate you Donny, we hate you!” They get up and walk toward him. The voices say…something. He torches the corpses, catching the entire room on fire. He opens the door and his mother comes after him. He goes back into the room and is attacked by all the corpses and burns.

Ends with a young boy watching the news story about Donny’s house burning with five corpses found inside. The boy’s mother yells at him to clean his room. He ignores her. She keeps screaming at him. Turns off the TV and slaps him around. When she’s done the voices say “Michael, we’re here to help you now.”

Maniac (1980)


Starts with heavy breathing character using coin-operated viewing apparatus to look out over the ocean…then moves to a couple on the beach. The man gets up to get some wood for the fire, leaving the woman alone. The character laughs and moves toward her, pets her gently (she thinks her boyfriend is back with the wood), then cuts her throat. The boyfriend comes back with the wood, and the killer strangles him with wire. In the middle of this scene, the main character sits up screaming in bed. It was just a dream.

We see the character rocking for a few moments in bed in his room, which has pink walls and is covered by candles and baby dolls. Most of the candles seem to be part of some kind of shrine, encircling a photo of a woman. He gets up to remove his pajamas, examines some scars on his chest, then we see a mannequin in his bed, her head dripping with blood. The character puts his clothes on and prepares to go out.

Cut to New York City and a conversation between prostitutes. One prostitute needs one more trick to make her rent. Then the main character walks by. She snags him, telling him it’s $25 for Regular, $50 for French and Regular, $75 to take him Around the World, and $100 for The Ultimate. He takes her up on The Ultimate and they head into a nearby motel, where the prostitute asks for her regular room.

He asks her to model for him “like in the magazines.” She strikes some poses. She wants things to move along (“Come on honey, the meter’s tickin’.”), but he wants her to model some more, saying he has money for her time. She starts to undress, but he tells her to leave her clothes on, then kisses her. He seems to be having a bit of “trouble,” so she kisses him more and encourages him. Suddenly, while they are kissing, he screams “You bitch!” and begins to strangle her. Strangely, she can scream (rather loudly) while he is strangling her. The scene switches from her to what appears to be his vision of his strangling another woman…but we don’t know who that woman is. Finally, she is dead and the character immediately gets sick and vomits in the toilet. Then he cries “I didn’t want to do that,” while he pulls a knife from his pocket, which he uses to scalp her.

Next we see him coming home with a very large, oddly shaped package. He removes the mannequin from his bed and puts the package in its place and begins ripping the black plastic off of it. It is another mannequin. Some “internal” dialogue takes place, in which he says something/someone is driving him crazy. Or perhaps he is repeating something he heard someone (his mother?) saying to him before. He says “they” have to be stopped or “they will take you away from me.” He puts the new scalp on the new mannequin and nails it in place. Then he picks up a newspaper which headline reads “Maniac mutilates couple on beach.” So  it wasn’t a dream after all. That’s probably where the scalp on the first mannequin came from.

The Maniac then packs some guns into a case, says “I’ll be right back” to his mannequins, and takes off in his car. He pulls up to a place with valet parking, and follows a car out of valet. The man and woman in the car pull over at a rest stop, where the man tries to make his move on the woman. A car pulls up after them and turns out its headlights. The couple moves to the backseat, after which we see someone getting out of the other car. The couple starts making out, and we see the Maniac staring in at them, his face pressed against the window.  The woman sees him and freaks out, wanting to leave, but the guy doesn’t see him until he starts the car and turns on the headlights. The Maniac is standing directly in front of the car with a large rifle. He jumps onto the hood and blows the guy’s head off, splattering the woman with blood. She dives onto the floorboard and then the Maniac shoots her too.

Next we see the Maniac in his room watching the news, which is talking about his crimes and the manhunt now underway to catch the killer. He turns off the TV after a bit, starts talking to himself again, and uncovers the mannequin in his bed, which now sports handcuffs and something over her face.  He says something about fancy girls in their fancy clothes laughing and dancing. But that now they don’t laugh and dance anymore. He says “you’ve got to stop, or they’ll take you away from me.” Then he says “I won’t ever let them take you away from me,” and cuffs himself to the mannequin, says “And I’m so happy,” as he cries and appears to hump the mannequin.

Next scene (next day?), we are in a park, where the Maniac sees  a female photographer and begins following her, breathing heavily all the way. She has left her camera bag near a tree, so he stops to “tie his shoe” next to it, checking the name and address on the tag as he does so.

Later that evening we see him looking at mannequins in a store window. He breathes heavily and makes strange crying/moaning sounds the whole time.

Cut to Roosevelt Hospital, where we see two nurses leaving work for the evening. They are talking about the killer they’ve read about in the newspaper. One nurse leaves when her ride pulls up. She offers the other nurse a ride, but she declines. As she walks away, we see the Maniac emerge from the shadows nearby. He begins following her. She notices him behind her and walks quickly to the nearest subway stop. She fumbles with her change purse in an attempt to gain entry to the station, finally getting the right change as we see him descending the stairway. She enters the station and tries to get on the waiting train, but the doors have closed and it pulls away.  In the shot showing the train leaving, we see people on both sides of the platform, but when it cuts back to her the whole place is deserted. She runs to the bathroom and hides in a stall. Of course, the Maniac eventually makes his way into the bathroom, but he leaves. Thinking the coast might be clear, she breathes a sigh of relief, collects herself, and exits the stall, walking slowly and carefully past the other stalls. Thinking things are fine, she splashes her face with cold water. When she lifts her head, we see the Maniac in the mirror. He has a large knife, and he stabs her in the back while saying something unintelligible.

Cut back to his room, where he is talking to one of his mannequins about the blood in the hair of the new scalp he is tacking onto her head. He brushes her hair and tells her “You’re so pretty.”

Now we see the photographer from the park earlier, who is developing a photo of the Maniac that she had taken. The doorbell rings, and we hear the Maniac introducing himself as Frank Zito. She answers the door and lets him in. They start talking about her work, which is all photographs of women. They have a strange conversation in which he says her work is great because you can possess a person forever in a photo. He then asks her on a date to an Italian restaurant and she accepts.

In the restaurant he shows her a photo of his mother, who “died in an automobile accident when I was younger.” She indicates that she has to go back to meet “Rita” to get some work done, but that she’d like to see him tomorrow or at her show on Thursday.

Then we see her in her studio (another day), taking photos of three women. “Frank” is in the background, holding a big gift. During a break in the session, he gives  her the gift, which is a teddy bear. She introduces him to Rita, one of the models, then she and the models get back to work, while the Maniac begins breathing heavily as he sits and watches. Then he sees something on a nearby table, which turns out to be a necklace. He takes the necklace and walks away.

Next, we see one of the models (Rita) coming home afterward. She takes her clothes off and starts to run a bath. While she is preparing to get in the doorbell rings. The Maniac is at the door, and he gives her the necklace he took from the studio. She wonders where he found it. He says “I got it at the studio. I figured you needed it, so I brought it over.” While he is talking he flips the lock on her door. She thanks him and he says goodnight.  Rita goes to take her bubble bath and the camera pans back along the hallway, where we see the Maniac’s hand. Later, Rita emerges from the bathroom and starting to make some tea in the kitchen. As she leaves the kitchen with her tea she is attacked by the Maniac, who is wearing a ski mask.

Cut to her room, where Rita is tied up in the bed. The Maniac is saying “Why do you do these things?” to himself. He tells Rita he doesn’t want to hurt her, he just wants to talk to her. He says she has no reason to try to run away. He begins talking crazily about never letting her go. He says he didn’t think she would come back, but that she did come back, that he found her, and that she’s “mine, all mine.” He asks why she needed all those other men when she had him and he loved her. He says “I never wanted to hurt you, never…but there were so many men, so many men. Why? Because they gave you some dollars? But they didn’t love you. I loved you. Only me.” Rita begs for her life, saying “don’t kill me.” He says, I’m not going to kill you, I’m going to keep you, so you’ll never go away.” Then he stabs her. While she is bleeding and dying he begins to hump her while crying “Mommy, oh mommy.” Then he gets up and says “Not tonight. You’re not going out tonight. Tonight you stay home with me.” Then he scalps her.

Back in his room we see yet another new mannequin with a new scalp. The Maniac is lighting candles and says to a baby doll “You know, when mommy tells you to hide in a closet, you have to do what mommy tells you.” Then he puts his cigarette out on the doll’s chest. He moves to another chair in the room and plays with a couple of toys, then pulls out an air soft gun and shoots at a target  he’s drawn on the opposite wall.

Next day, we see him calling someone from a phone booth. It’s Anna, the photographer. He asks to take her to the show tonight. She agrees and he picks her up in his car a few moments later. In the car, she thanks him for attending Rita’s funeral. He then asks if she minds stopping by his mother’s grave to drop off a wreath.

He places the wreath on Carmen Zito’s grave, starts to say some Hail Marys, then begins to cry. Anna tries to comfort him, but he starts saying “Rita knew, Rita knew…” She asks what he means, what he’s talking about, and then he starts shaking her and trying to choke her, shouting “Rita knew!” She manages to escape his grasp and runs through the cemetery. She hides behind a gravestone. When he is looking for her, she jumps up with a shovel and hits him with it. She runs away, but he gets up and follows after her.

He falls on the ground after some time, and starts crying and rocking in place. He screams “Mommy!!!” and we hear some dialogue of him and his mother when he was a child. She is talking about having to lock him in the closet to punish him. He goes back to her grave, crying, and we see a scene of her corpse emerging from the grave and grabbing him. He cries out and then wrenches himself away and stumbles back to his room.

In his room, he falls into bed, holding his bleeding arm. He looks around at all his mannequins, with human scalps on their heads and blood running down their faces. He continues crying for his mommy, then looks over at the mannequins again, who have begun to move. They get up from the table at which they are all seated and they all grab different weapons and attack him. They stab him, cut off his arm, rip off his head, and then rip the rest of him to shreds.

Cut to a distant view of New York City in the morning. Then a cop car, siren blaring, in pursuit of something or someone. The police pull over at a building and burst into Frank’s room. The mannequins are seated at the table, and Frank is dead in his bed, a knife sticking out of his gut. They leave the room and the camera zooms in on him…at the last second he opens his eyes.

The Last Horror Film (1982)


Lady gets naked in first 3 seconds of the movie. Fried in hot tub (in a movie). Vinny Durand in theater whacking off to it.

Taxi driver in NYC who dreams of being a famous horror director. Gets a ticket to Cannes Film Festival and tells his mom he’s going to France to make a film with Jana Bates.

Goes to France. News reports: assassination attempt on Reagan, obsessive stalker of Jodie Foster, shooting of Pope John Paul II, and Jana’s popularity. Vinny films Jana when she arrives in her plane and is driven away in a car.

Jana goes to a club, announces that she is in love with the director of her new film. Vinny tries to get into the club, but is turned away.

Vinny can’t believe that he’s been denied entrance to the club…”who do they think they are? I’m Vinny Durand.” Dresses in nice suit and with a camera and slips into the club.

Calls Jana’s suite and gets her husband — tries to talk about a script, but gets hung up on.

Sends champagne and note to both Jana and her husband “You’ve made your last horror film. Goodbye.”

Jana goes to see her husband (Brett), enters the suite. Phone rings, window opens when she answers (no one there), hears faucet running in bathroom. Goes in, finds him dead. When she opens the door, his head falls off. Vinny films her reaction from the shower.

Jana’s boyfriend thinks Brett is playing a joke, doesn’t really believe Jana.

Girls skinny dipping in the ocean. Vinny shows up and gets made fun of by the girls. He runs off.

Vinny waiting in line to use the phone. Hears a director talking on the phone and tries to pitch a movie to him. Director tells him to get lost. Calls his mom and tells her that Jana Bates is starring in his movie. His mom calls him crazy. He hangs up and cries.

Sends director who told him to get lost (Marty) the same note. Director goes to police, who tell him they think it’s all a publicity stunt.

Sends another note, pretending to be Brett. Guy goes to a theater to meet him (Brett), is killed by Vinny with an axe.

Vinny calls his mom again. Talking about his film with Jana again. Tries to follow Jana into a press conference, but is turned away.

During press conference, asked if she worries about being made the object of obsession. She says she thinks people can tell the differnece between reality and make believe. Meanwhile, Vinny rubs up against projections of her on a screen, takes his clothes off, and presumably masturbates.

Vinny at a strip club. Hallucinates that girl on stage is Jana. Attacks her, and is pulled off by security.

Wakes up next day in increasingly Jana-fied room. News on the radio is all bad. Talks of the disappearance of Brett and Marty.

Vinny goes to see a movie. Gets sick watching a horror film. Goes outside to puke, runs into the director. Tells him it made him sick, he shouldn’t be allowed to make movies like that. Directory (Stanley) calls him crazy, backs off and runs away.

News radio says there’s a killer on the loose at the festival, and that lots of people are leaving early. Stanley’s girlfriend receives the note, wants to leave. Stanley says okay, tomorrow, but first he has to show her something.

Takes her that night to a big tower. Tells her to close her eyes, pulls a knife out (to carve initials in the bench), then runs off and says if she wants her surprise she’ll have to find him. Vinny filming from the tower. Stanley leads Suzanne into the tower, but is then killed by Vinny. Suzanne keeps looking for him, not knowing what happened. Gets to top of tower, finds Stanley dead. Vinny shoots her in the head, she falls from the tower.

Calls his mom and says “everyone loves us, everything’s okay, I’m going to be famous. You’ll see, you’ll be proud of me.”

Vinny takes a bottle of champagne and runs across the rooftops to Jana’s suite, where she is taking a bath. Comes in through the bathroom window. Says he just want to “talk about the film.” She screams at him to get out, he starts crying. Then freaks out and breaks the champagne bottle on the sink and comes after her with the broken bottle neck. Talks to her about being her director for awhile, holding the bottle to her neck. Someone comes to the door and he is distracted long enough for her to push him back and run away.

Runs out and down the stairs. When she reaches the bottom people clap because they think it’s a publicity stunt. Vinny eats it up for a moment, then freaks out again. She runs all the way to her premiere, where people still seem to think she’s just “making an entrance.” She finds Alan, who takes her back to the hotel.

Vinny watches them arrive from the top of the hotel. Watches them enter the suite from the windows. Hears that they are going to Jonathan’s castle tomorrow.

They go to the castle the next day, followed by two security guards. Vinny follows them, films them from the distance, then sneaks up and into to the castle as it gets dark. Walks into a room and says “this is perfect.” Guards hear him and chase him out, shooting at him.

Jana and Alan leave the next day. He says he’s having a girl act as her decoy at the awards ceremony that evening.

Vinny prepares for the “last scene” of his movie, The Loves of Dracula, in which Jana will be his bride. Writes home to Mom about it.

Jana and Alan come to awards ceremony. Meets her decoy, who goes out to sit in audience with boyfriend. Vinny films from backstage looking area, with gun under the camera lens. Jana sends attendant away for a glass of water. Vinny, dressed as security, walks up behind her and knocks her out with a cloth of ether.

Jana Bates gets an award. Meanwhile, she is being taken away by Vinny in his car. The security find his letter to his mother, which they show to Alan.

Vinny talks to an unconscious Jana about the movie on the way to the castle (Jonathan’s castle). Says it’s very important that her death scene look absolutely real.

Arrives. Places her on a table in the room in the castle. Begins to film the “death scene,” stabbing her through the heart with a stake, but which turns out to be fake. As he pulls her out and thanks her, Brett Bates comes in with a camera and a gun, saying that he would kill her and make it look like Vinny killed her then committed suicide. Vinny saves Jana by chopping Brett’s head off with a chainsaw.

Ends with Vinny and Mom watching movie he made. She asks Vinny if he has a joint.

* Notes by Chana Phaedra